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Testimonials: Testimonials

It took me years to find the right personal trainer. I was looking for someone that would push me harder than I would ever push myself, keep it fresh with new routines and at the same time educate me through the exercises.  I am so glad I found Vinny when I did, he is the perfect balance of a motivator, educator and a true professional.  His knowledge of the body and physical training is exceptional.  He keeps it simple and focused with amazing results. 


I started training with Vinny when I was 37 years old and within a few months I felt stronger and more confident in my body than I ever have.  He truly invests in his clients, creating workouts that not only help clients reach their goals, but to cultivate full body fitness. 


Today I am almost 42 years old and there is literally no one else I will train with. Vinny Keeler is an incredible personal trainer and I am so grateful I get to train with him. 

Erin O'Connell

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